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Mission & Vision​

Co-creating a vision for IHN Research 

Bringing together Grandmothers, nurses, and students to develop a vision and mission statement. The vision captures the goals under the four pillars research, policy, practice, and education.


We envision a world where Mother Earth and Indigenous peoples are healthy and vibrant as a result of honoring their right to receive safe, quality Indigenous health care.

Where Indigenous communities lead healthy, vibrant lives, with every breath, with every prayer, with every stitch, with every nurse.


For us, generative is connected to the Cree word āniskētastāwin (pronounced ah-nees-kay-TAHS-tay-win) which means “attachment through the ages where all people and realities (like health) are related and connected” (Madeleine Dion-Stout).


We realize this vision by creating ethical, safe spaces for Indigenous nurses to lead, generative
rights-based nursing care within the broader, diverse health care system.

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